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Reviews by Forgewright

Review for The Nebula
29 Jun 2017
Played about 40 pages into the game and had no issues technically. I was impressed with the writing of the story and the choices given. A fun game and quickly draws you into the action. You should be proud of your efforts as I'm sure it took a lot of work.

Review for Fiddly Inventory
04 Aug 2016
I haven't gone past the first door in the game, but if the beginning is anything like game, a player can expect a fun run. The author has a great sense of humor in telling his storyline. I found no glitches. I liked the graphics because it reminded me of the old school table top version of D&D. Good stuff Tyler

Review for Long Road Ahead
16 Mar 2016
I enjoyed playing this game. It is short but still a fun little adventure. It would be a good game to play on your phone while waiting at the doctor's office and such to kill some time and quickly have the satisfaction of completing a game. Like the ending. It gives you a sense of accomplishment.