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Reviews by Forgewright

Review for Pong
07 May 2020
Multiplayer. However, I did have fun playing both sides for the first time since it came out in the '70s.

Review for Pacman
07 May 2020
A copy of the original. Because of that, I will leave it in the sandpit and a moderator can decide it's fate.

Review for Tic Tac Toe
07 May 2020
This game is tough to beat. You can get a draw but be forewarned, make a mistake and you will lose. Fun game. Categorised it as a puzzle game.

Review for The Stranger Inside
14 Oct 2018
A good read with sound effects. If you like a short story give it a run.

Review for Ma'at and Chaos
05 Sep 2018
Great story telling and I like your hand drawn graphics. A real d&d type game. I haven't seen this type of play in a text adventure before. You play along with dice and skill sheet. It is up to you to be honest about your rolls and determine the outcome of confrontations.

A CYOA. But so much more than that.
You can die from your choices. You are told ahead of time of the consequences of a win or loss in battle.

This game could be made to handle a group of players and more than 1 person could play along. That would rock!
Nice work, somuch29!

Review for Lanced!
09 Nov 2017
Nice storytelling. It gave a little suspenseful angst with each turn. Well described action. The page scrolled well and the text graphics are pleasant to view. Good game, cookywook

Review for Seedship
09 Nov 2017
Tough choices give the game realism. The game's plot is entertaining. The consequences of your actions are original each time. Could use a bit more explanation when scoring, or perhaps a score line to determine amount of success. I enjoyed the game more than most and would recommend it. Nice work John!

Tale's review is sarcastic...I assume, because it is well done and makes you want to do better.

Review for The Nebula
29 Jun 2017
Played about 40 pages into the game and had no issues technically. I was impressed with the writing of the story and the choices given. A fun game and quickly draws you into the action. You should be proud of your efforts as I'm sure it took a lot of work.

Review for Fiddly Inventory
04 Aug 2016
I haven't gone past the first door in the game, but if the beginning is anything like game, a player can expect a fun run. The author has a great sense of humor in telling his storyline. I found no glitches. I liked the graphics because it reminded me of the old school table top version of D&D. Good stuff Tyler

Review for Long Road Ahead
16 Mar 2016
I enjoyed playing this game. It is short but still a fun little adventure. It would be a good game to play on your phone while waiting at the doctor's office and such to kill some time and quickly have the satisfaction of completing a game. Like the ending. It gives you a sense of accomplishment.