Ma'at and Chaos by somuch29

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You play as Barry Chase, the 12 year old son of the renowned archaeologist, Rudolph Chase. Barry’s life is turned completely upside down when a trip to Egypt with his Archaeologist parents turns into a quest to save the World as we know it, from pure chaos. Travel across Modern Egypt, exploring the ruins of a Civilizaton long past. An explorative adventure, filled with acton, drama, mystery and the Ancient Egyptan gods, forever battling to keep the balance between Order (Ma’at) and Chaos. Your objectve?
Rescue your parents, defeat Set and Save the World.

- Replayability with 4 unique endings
- Unique puzzles, hand drawn art and an achievement system.

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Review by Forgewright
05 Sep 2018
Great story telling and I like your hand drawn graphics. A real d&d type game. I haven't seen this type of play in a text adventure before. You play along with dice and skill sheet. It is up to you to be honest about your rolls and determine the outcome of confrontations.

A CYOA. But so much more than that.
You can die from your choices. You are told ahead of time of the consequences of a win or loss in battle.

This game could be made to handle a group of players and more than 1 person could play along. That would rock!
Nice work, somuch29!

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Published 24 Aug 2018