Reviews by Zefou

Review for Frederick Douglas
09 Apr 2015
Wow. This game is special, almost precious to me. It neatly fits in the narration of a whole life, a complicated story, in a format accessible to each and everyone. I can hardly describe the feelings that went through me as I played this; it was thoughts, bursts of joy and hate and simple astonishment. I adore this unique achievment.

Wait, my mind must have taken a wrong turn at Albuquerque or some similar place. Hilarious as the whole idea of this being a game is, I cannot give it a good rating. I would still like to thank the author for a quick laugh.

Review for Soccer Swag 2.0
03 Apr 2015
Not a very good game.

Also, I hate soccer!

It gets a 2 for being original.

Review for Pineapple Simulator
26 Mar 2015
This game was pretty hilarious, but I still can't bring myself to give it a 5!

It is still very original and I had a good time playing it. I mean... A pineapple? It would be unreasonable to expect too much from the game!

19 Mar 2015
This was a good game. I especially enjoy the writing!

However, I managed to run into a dead end and there are not many choices most of the time. This can be partly forgiven due to the interesting setting and writing, however. This game easily scores a 4, and could become even better with some more work.

Review for Escape From Rome
19 Mar 2015
This game has great potential. Actually, already the title captured me. The writing is not too bad either.

The problem is that the environment in which the player moves lacks interactivety to a great degree (and thus seems "dead" when a burning city with people in it could hardly be a quiet place). The game could also have more "real" puzzles.

I am tempted to give the game at least a 4, but since I want the author to come back and perfect it, I will not give it more than a 3 at the moment!

18 Mar 2015
I seriously like this game. The reason that I can't give it a 5 is that there should be more to it.
Good and interesting work, although the start is a little strange..

Review for 1950's crime story
16 Mar 2015
This game had me absolutely blown away.
By letting me down, that is. I must agree with the last reveiwer that the game lacks depth, independence and - this far - meaning. The game can be finished in less than half a minute, and there is no real way to lose. A longer game with a bit more writing could have been interesting; i really liked the premise.
A sidenote is that L.A. Noire takes place in the 40's, although this is of lesser importance.
I would have been tempted to give this game a 2 if it had lasted a bit longer.