Pineapple Simulator by ClaireOdelia

Your adventures as a lost pineapple.

Try to survive with danger at every corner.
The aim is to choose a path that leads to survival and a prosperous life.

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24 Oct 2020
this game made me think more about pineapples

Review by Fernthistle
19 Mar 2019
I was eating pineapple as I played and I swear it will need a bit!

Review by Kitty Machine
20 Apr 2015
Pineapples are more interesting then i though.

Review by Zefou
26 Mar 2015
This game was pretty hilarious, but I still can't bring myself to give it a 5!

It is still very original and I had a good time playing it. I mean... A pineapple? It would be unreasonable to expect too much from the game!

Review by Asian Persuasian
26 Mar 2015
Noice, this is pretty gud m8

Review by DaNiX88
26 Mar 2015
It was a very interesting experience.... And I was surprised at the quality of the game! Why I decided to play such a silly game... I don't know however.

Good job, opening up the senses! I'll never feel the same towards eating a helpless pineapple ever again.

Review by Crazzykid24
26 Mar 2015
great game m8 I r8 8/8

smd you crack horse

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