Train by Zefou

This is my first serious attempt at creating an interactive fiction-game. It will be updated periodically until it is done. In the game, you will take the role of a person who suddently finds him- or herself standing in a compartment on a train with a dead body and no memory or other knowledge of what has happened.

I would be glad for comments, nice or otherwise, about bugs or things that should be improved. You can comment either here or in the corresponding forum thread.

The game is updated once again (26th of august), but still not done!


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Review by jamie.soule
26 May 2015
Really great start and I hope you keep going. Just one thing: this font against the background wasn't exactly easy on the eyes, so maybe a different font or color scheme would help.

Review by Lahoya
23 Mar 2015
I liked this! Hoping for more.

Review by Bransmerumpa
20 Mar 2015
Great game! I hope this is finished. Fantastik writing interesting setting. Like a spy movie.

Review by Festeros56
17 Mar 2015
Maybe the best text adventure I have played here. A bit short but I love the premise.

There are a few inconsistencies here and there, but this game has potential. You should play it!

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