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23 Jun 2020
Very very very very very good

Review for Woo Rebooted
27 Mar 2020
Really fun, love adventuring around in a BARDIS! It seems like you've programmed a good message in everything, I really hope this gets the love it deserves!!!

Review for I Killed The Mouse
23 Mar 2020
alright, this community, what do you prefer:
shitty weird fetish games
games with art, an interesting story, amazing writing style and a poem sort of rhythm


Review for Shrunk at College
23 Mar 2020
get these games off the site, stick to your own places

Review for UBSS: The First Day
15 Mar 2020
simply fantastic and underrated

Review for Candy Ant Princess
22 Feb 2020
this is so underrated, the only games that get popular here are fetish games

17 Feb 2020
Pretty good! A few misspellings and a few grammar mistakes (could use capital letters but some games don't have capital letters as part of them, you don't have to if you don't want to) and a few glitches but is fun. Well done! From 1-10 I'd give it 8.

03 Feb 2020
This inspired me to try it in real life but I died :(

Review for The Funeral
03 Feb 2020
Seriously underrated, I wish this site wasn't overrun by fetishists :(

Review for Rock:The Game
02 Feb 2020
The Elder Scrolls 6 looks great