Journey to The Center of the Avocado by Tinuchi

Its the journey of a man on his quest to get to the center of an avocado. You're suggested to play it multiple times, or else you don't get the full experience. It's my first game, so please don't be too picky and enjoy!

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Review by AxisOliveYT
30 Jan 2023
fre sha vac a do

Review by michathy
04 May 2022
this game changed my life. i really relate to the little girl - her goals are truly admirable. i will now follow in her footsteps.

Review by qwartzcv14
14 Feb 2022
I'd give this 6 stars if I could

Review by Meowspy
11 Feb 2022
awesome game

Review by CYOAgal
01 Dec 2021
Funny at first but wtf!!

23 Jan 2021
HILARIOUS! I looooooooooooooove how after you searched the internet there is an option called "die". The story was funny and ridiculous, make more games like this!

Review by Lightning Universe
18 Dec 2020
Amazing. I went through the struggle of destroying a single avocado, so I'm glad it was destroyed in an ending. 10/10

Review by frozen.koala
31 Oct 2020
I'm gonna summarize it in 9 words
weird, mental, super fun and are you really serious?

28 Oct 2020
Are you joking with me?
This is ridiculously fun!! Keep up your kinda weird work!

Review by Hasiney Kaminari
23 Oct 2020
Made NO sense!!! I LOVE IT!! <3

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Published 23 Jun 2020
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