Rock:The Game by aidan101

You are a rock. You have the skill set of a rock. Achieve greatness as a rock.

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Review by Human_bean
17 Feb 2021
This game is good. A reason why is for its humour. However, I may only leave a 4 because I can't stand the way the writer transformed Kyle. He was my friend! For decades on I shall search for a greater ending than that of (SPOILER) Kyle's murder at my hands. Why must you hurt me in this way?

Review by Goomba3456
11 Jan 2021
This is a great game

Review by Frenchyboy
07 Dec 2020


13 Nov 2020
nice game rock

08 Jul 2020
rock, rock.

Review by Duckwithautism
14 Jun 2020
+Very funny
+Unique concept
-extremely short
-little replay value
-Joke gets old quickly

Review by A Name
26 May 2020
Kyle nooooooo!

Review by Slim_Slimy
18 Apr 2020
This game was beautifully made. I cried when Kyle died and then I cried when Kyle was revealed to be evil. I killed him with a heavy heart and mourned for my best friend who I knew for 5 seconds

Review by CatVideos
14 Apr 2020
It is short, but very fun to play and very original.

Review by JabbaTheHutt125
08 Apr 2020
Loved this!

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