Ghetto Grind by Camero2K

"Ghetto Grind" is a text adventure game that is inspired from Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas in terms of storyline and gameplay. In this game, you are a young black male who is living in a hood where a rampant gang war is going on, which killed around a hundred people by the game's timeline. You're tired from the war and started seeking ways to escape it. You only have two choices; Escape or death. Which one will you select?

WARNING: This game contains some profanity.

UPDATE: Finally uploaded a cover (which is GTA: San Andreas artwork as you see, since I sadly lack any skills to draw advanced artworks).

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Review by System Masters
25 Nov 2020
Impressed so far! WIP means I know there's a lot still to be done, but the systems you have in place make a really good foundation.

I have no idea if you'll ever finish the game to the level you're aiming for, but go for it!

I like the random people wandering around, and the way you can talk to more people as your respect goes up.

Honestly, if you can pull this off as a text adventure, I'll be really impressed!

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