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Reviews by phantom

13 May 2018
Another hilarious installment in the Guttersnipe series! "Spaghetti a la urchin" had me chuckling especially.

Your Guttersnipe games have so much character! Like the first one, this was a delight to play :) Your writing does a really good job of steering the player in the right direction while not hitting them over the head with super-obvious hints. In addition, there were also lots of extra responses that made the game feel more rich. (such as "give percy to cat" and all the different responses when I tried to use the pocket-watch on people)

14 May 2017
A delightful and very amusing game. I liked how there were some puzzles which were not necessary to solve but helped contribute to the worldbuilding.

Review for Avast, Ye Mateys!
28 Dec 2015
The completionist in me wasn't able to rest until I'd checked off everything in the logbook (aside from capturing the leviathan, for the life of me I could not find it) as well as ridiculously upgrading my ship. While the game could do with some fleshing out and more random events I still thoroughly enjoyed what there was :)