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Reviews by johnhf

Review for The Chimney Sweeper
27 Feb 2024
If you're into cleaning, great. I'm not!

Review for House of the Raven
01 Jul 2017
Enjoyable, but difficult in places.

Review for Machine of Death
09 Jul 2015
I liked it.

Review for Fight Chub
14 Jun 2015
You kind of wonder who would give this five stars? Since I'm not Cryaotic's brother, lover or best mate then a very real 1 star will suffice.

Review for The Lost Orb
08 Jun 2015
Another great game. Big Fan.

15 Apr 2015
Another reason why kids should be seen and not heard!

Review for Haunted Castle
12 Apr 2015
I died a lot of times. Both in the game and in real life (well, it felt like it while I was playing.) 8(

Review for |MAZE|
24 Mar 2015
Cody, Better leave out object descriptions in the room description. I took the candlestick and even dropped it elsewhere and yet the candlestick (according to the room description) was still on the piano. Very amateurish!!! Put me off playing, straight away.

30 Aug 2014
Ok, I guess but a few bugs irritated me.

Review for The Lunastone
29 Jun 2014
EPIC minecraft seems to be an idiot giving a great game like this 1 star. This is better than his games by far!

15 Jun 2014
It seems Kim75 you're outnumbered. You've insulted everyone's intelligence who gave this game a 5 star rating and slightly sad that you can't use your own words to review a great and fun game. I DISAGREE with Jim Kaplan 100%.

15 Apr 2014
Spelling and grammar are awful and commenting on your own game is pathetic. I recommend you never write another game is your life. A waste of time but mostly illegal due to copyright issues!!!