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17 Jul 2020
This is a nice game! I like that it is free-roam and open-ended and you can experiment with different ideas until you figure out what works. The dialogue is interesting, and the art style is unique.

Review for EELTAIL
15 May 2018
This game is fantastic - up there with Watcher's "A Stranger, Unregarded". The nonlinearity makes it difficult to find all the treasures; it was very challenging!

Question: when I type "liatlee" (eeltail backwards), it doesn't give me the usual message. I'm curious if there is some sort of easter egg involved.

One requested edit:
1. Open up your code
2. Use the "Find and Replace" feature
3. In the "Find" box type "seams"
4. In the "Replace" box type "seems"
5. Repeat for all pages of code :P

Thanks for the awesome game :)

14 Dec 2017
Very nice game! I'm working on one like it, on a different platform. It took me a second playthrough to figure out how to get the jade figurine (I knew what to do from the beginning, but the wording was a bit wonky), but I got a perfect score my second time. I'd like to brag about defeating the demonlord on my first try, putting the bane in the treasure trove and throwing the shard at the nimbus, (but not escaping the mountain), but that's probably all I can brag about since this game was very challenging at times. Overall, I thought this game was really well-designed and done with really good mechanics and a lot of detail. And it didn't have the problem that a lot of games have where you say something perfectly reasonable and the game won't allow it (except with the jade!) I wish the save system was better, but I blame the engine for it (that's why I'm making a new platform). The hardest part was the hellbeast, I needed a hint for that, I bet most people agree.

Awesome job!

Review for Night House
04 Dec 2017
Epppppicccccc! :D :D
That was an extremely fun game. I needed to use the walkthrough once. It is a very deep game.

02 Dec 2017
Filler Text

Review for INFECTION
01 Dec 2017
All that work for a bad pun at the end XD XD

I think this game was great. I'm not giving it 5 since it was short, but I think it was a really neat idea :)

Review for Taco Man
21 Nov 2017
1337/420 Would Recommend