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Sloane Rock SHP was established in 1920 to help preserve the legacy of Lazarus Sloane and his many cultural and economic contributions to the history of the state of California. A visit to Sloane Rock SHP is like taking a step back in time to the exciting days of the Gold Rush. Much of the upper acreage of the park remains just as it did back when Sloane first set eyes upon it way back in the late 1800s, so it’s a good place to get a feel for our shared history as Californians. This game will help familiarize you with some of the more interesting features of the park. We hope that you enjoy your visit and leave with many happy memories.

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Review by The_78th_Watcher
18 Dec 2018
Amazing work!
A ton of lore which bring game to life!
Puzzles aren't so hard and flows naturally as the story unfolds.
Personally i don't like the "die and learn" mechanics, even have to say that fit perfectly the situation... Maybe the possibility to make a little stock of a certain item would have avoided a couple of death once learned the trick.
However a great game!

Review by archerqueen08
10 Aug 2018
Absolutely love your games, they're one of the only things that genuinely make my skin crawl.

01 Jan 2018
Very good detail, my only problem is that it is too easy to die - I can't make it through without being punished for staying in one spot.

Review by Bobideybob
17 Dec 2017
its alright

Review by hari_seldon
07 Dec 2017
Just some minor bugs and glitches. But overall - a very good experience! Interesting, intriguing, lots of details. It's not just a puzzle to solve, it's a world you enter and discover. I'd love to play another game in the same world!

Review by scotts6931
02 Dec 2017
Filler Text

26 Nov 2017
A strong setting, and a *huge* amount of detail has been put into the story and background...
Although overall it is a bit of a mixed bag. The game's actually very short, and I didn't think the experience was improved by the 'timed' sections (they're so quick there is no chance of completing them in time if you're actually reading through the text of what is happening- so not taking in the writing properly actually detracted from the atmosphere for me). It's also still bad at needing very specific phrasing, saying items can't be used unless you use the one correct phrase.

I was sorry it wasn't longer, developing more gradually, because lots of work has gone in and the atmosphere is really top-notch!

Review by Rendora
23 Nov 2017
So far, this game is really enjoyable! I'm only half an hour in, but I'm loving it so far! There's a ton of little details. I love how you can pick up and examine just about every item. So far, I haven't encountered a time mechanic - which is great, because I hate feeling rushed. If you like history, attention to detail, and a relaxed pace, I can't recommend this game enough.

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