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Reviews by Breeze

Review for Dream Pieces
19 Nov 2013
Great Idea of a game

30 Jan 2013
Hi everyone
I am pretty stuck now
I have:
Ticket cigarette lighter
Make-shift spear
Cash box
I think I need a light source other then the lighter to look around the bell fry, and I need keys for the cash box, door B and the iron grating
I cannot find anything other to do, who can give me a push in the right direction please ?

Review for Murder on the Hill
14 Nov 2012
Great game, solve a murder is a great idea, could even be a series, solve the murder weekend :)
1 small thing, could you remove the maximum number of items you can carry limit, I tend to end up forgetting where I dropped stuff

29 Aug 2012
Ok, I give up, when do I find the crab ? :)

Review for Moonstone Falls
23 Aug 2012
It was pretty hard, but a nice game

Review for Island of the Magi
20 Jun 2012
Can someone get me started on this one ?
I only found the fruit.
Nobody wants it, the hermit, the native, not even the warthog :)
Look like I been everywhere, tried all I could think of, I am missing something to get me started.
I can eat the fruit myself, but nothing seems to happen.

5 stars, I like it when its not too easy, and well made :)

28 Dec 2010
I am stuck at the Giant Bat part, How do I survive ?


Review for As Darkness Falls
23 Sep 2010
well done :)

Oh, and 5/5 o'cause :)