Island of the Magi by Craig Dutton

Discover the truth about the Island of the Magi and why the elements in the world are starting to become chaotic.

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Review by princesif
25 Jun 2017
got bored really easily, quickly hit the formula of go here, look at thing, can only turn back. maybe it gets better later

Review by RPGtxt
28 Jun 2016
Extremely hard, but really fun. A really great adventure with a large world and tons of puzzles.

Review by KyuJones
03 Jun 2016
This was really fun. Cool adventurous setting. I like all the characters with which you interact! .... and those dapper Magi! Again, I appreciate the group of people playing your games that help each other out in the comments section for those moments you just can't figure it out. I ALSO appreciated the walkthrough!!! It was handy for things I never though to investigate. I need to learn more text-game-savviness!

Good game. Fun. Intriguing. Lots of cool props. Lots of cool run-ins.

Review by DaNiX88
22 Apr 2015
A very intricate game with a lot of puzzles and traps. As the player becomes accustomed to the world, the player soon learns not to make any decision without any possible doubt or reason. The walkthrough will help any confounded player, so the game becomes very achievable.

Can you beat the game without the walkthrough? Give it a try!!

Another awesome game by Craig Dutton. Great job on a job well-done!

Review by danaburgerrr
13 Feb 2015
this was a fantastic, interesting, well-written and detailed game. I love the Magi portion of the story especially. I did resort to using the walkthru several times, as I never would have made those conclusions myself. once I got to the Elemental Tower and encountered the Magi I progressed pretty quickly through the second part of the game. my only true complaint is that there are so many dead ends. it's frustrating enough being lost or stuck and having all these items and not knowing what to do with them, but then after trial and error to be killed by something random (or to have done something irreversible to hinder progress through the remainder of the game, i.e., lighting the campfire) only adds to that frustration, and it's off-putting. I could do with less of that. otherwise, great game.

Review by Alexandre Torres
27 Jul 2012
Ok, there are several dead ends. A lot of objects must be used in certain order, such as the firestone and the knife. If you give/use n destroy the object, you will not be able to end and will never even know what you did wrong. If you want to kill the player, ok, but don't let him clueless...
The game is very well written and huge. But sometimes is hard to find out the right command to perform an action, what is irritating.
Some riddles are great, buth others such as the fruit in river made me want to cheat the game ... it lacks tips... the timers are very short...
in fact, I usually abandon any game with dead ends since the 90's


Review by ZAZZELS
24 Jul 2012
used wrong noun 'river' insted of 'Bridge' have dynamite and sprite stuck again

Review by Gary Binns
16 Jul 2012
Love the game, keep up the good work!

Review by Breeze
20 Jun 2012
Can someone get me started on this one ?
I only found the fruit.
Nobody wants it, the hermit, the native, not even the warthog :)
Look like I been everywhere, tried all I could think of, I am missing something to get me started.
I can eat the fruit myself, but nothing seems to happen.

5 stars, I like it when its not too easy, and well made :)

Review by sarah4
04 Jun 2012
Hi Craig, thanks so much for all your help again, I'd killed the warthog but just couldn't figure out what to do with it, once that was solved the rest fell into place and I now have finished the game.

Another absolutely brilliant text adventure, wonderful descriptions, challenging but logical puzzles, well developped and realised story and setting, another sublime game from the best active author on this site. Other text adventure authors would do well to play all of Craig's games to see how genuinely entertaining, engaging and challenging text adventures should look.

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Craig Dutton

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Written for Quest 5.2
Published 19 May 2012
Updated 18 Nov 2012

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