Dream Pieces by Iam Curio

You are in a dream but if you stay you'll miss out on a great birthday!

Dream Pieces: An Interactive Bedtime Story was an entry on the Interactive Fiction Competition 2013.

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Review by PigFiend
29 Jul 2022
Delightful! A fun way to end my "work" day =D

Review by Savio
03 Apr 2021

Review by Not Interested
03 Feb 2021
Loved it. The sheer simplicity of it is astounding.

Review by User72
25 Jun 2020
Challenging, but funny. I got stuck on a lot of the puzzles (except for making the hammer). Overall, great game.

Review by kdjack
11 Apr 2020
It was really fun to figure out, I enjoyed the speech patterns in it!

Review by ARCtype
15 Feb 2018
This was short, but sweet. It's a cute game that makes you think outside the box. Once you get the hang of it, it's a bit simplistic. But I'm giving 5 stars for the creativity of it all.

Review by Jesse Richardson
24 Jan 2017
Very good game, this can make anyone feel like a 3 year old again.

Review by Kyandii
19 Jan 2016
This is a cute little game, I like the creativity.

Review by shramanisawesome
10 Nov 2015
I loved it! The puzzles were intriguing. I loved making new words with fragments of other words and really brainstorming about it. *Got 50/50!*
Very innovative. Worth playing ^_^

Review by Gandon
28 Oct 2015
Well done. Short and sweet.

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Written by
Iam Curio

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Written for Quest 5.4
Published 26 Sep 2013
Updated 27 Nov 2013

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