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12 Jun 2022
Great game. I found the puzzles fairly intuitive approaching the game with the idea that I was going to examine everything. Also mapping out the game and keeping track of details was helpful for me. There are lots of in game hints without needing to use the provided hint system. I also enjoyed the fact that a lot of puzzles had more than one way to resolve them. Even trying to resolve the solutions incorrectly was often well crafted and humorous rather than just saying "you can't do that". Resolving the puzzles incorrectly also allowed exploring the puzzle more fully and you could actually learn from your failures rather than just "trying the next thing" - often hints for the correct solution were included in those failed attempts. I haven't seen that level of detail or intricacy in most other games. Nice job!

Review for Woo Rebooted
08 Jun 2022
Awesome game! DavyB did an excellent job with this continuation of the Woo series and was very helpful the one time I got hung up on one of the puzzles. The game itself is difficult enough that it is rewarding, but the solutions are logical and intuitive so as to not make the game frustrating. The ending was satisfying as well. The game was very well designed and thoroughly tested. I was very hard pressed to find any issues with it (and I'm the type that will find issues if they are there by accident or not). It was helpful for me to turn on the game panes which included a map - you can turn them on in the game options (type help). This game should have a lot more attention so please leave reviews or comments about your experiences as well so that others can find this gem. Thank you DavyB and team for a great experience!

Finally got around to playing this - Whew had I been missing out! WARNING - Do not play if you can't/won't think, you give up easily after 5 seconds, you believe all women are good, or you just plain hate having a good time. Otherwise this game is a must. Please show your appreciation by giving it the 5 stars it deserves and have all your friends do the same (your mother too....ehem).

P.S. A game as large as this will have a few quirks so be sure to create backups often (especially if you naturally or purposefully break things, like me). Some areas I found "quirky": lab vent, "thermal pants", and hijacking depending on the order of actions. This is why I didn't give this game more stars.......just kidding I would give it more if I could.

29 Sep 2016
I can only give this game 5 stars?

The easter eggs alone had me falling out of my chair from laughing so hard. The game felt just the right length (splitting it up into 3 parts was a good call), definitely challenging, and thoroughly enjoyable. Towards the end I needed a little help which the author graciously provided and I was eventually able to beat the game. I found a few instances where the GUI commands didn't quite match up with what the game was expecting but nothing serious enough to take away a star (read some of my comments if you get stuck).

Enjoy the game and please rate it so that others can enjoy this hidden gem as well!

25 May 2016
👍👍 Nice Work!