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Finally got around to playing this - Whew had I been missing out! WARNING - Do not play if you can't/won't think, you give up easily after 5 seconds, you believe all women are good, or you just plain hate having a good time. Otherwise this game is a must. Please show your appreciation by giving it the 5 stars it deserves and have all your friends do the same (your mother too....ehem).

P.S. A game as large as this will have a few quirks so be sure to create backups often (especially if you naturally or purposefully break things, like me). Some areas I found "quirky": lab vent, "thermal pants", and hijacking depending on the order of actions. This is why I didn't give this game more stars.......just kidding I would give it more if I could.

29 Sep 2016
I can only give this game 5 stars?

The easter eggs alone had me falling out of my chair from laughing so hard. The game felt just the right length (splitting it up into 3 parts was a good call), definitely challenging, and thoroughly enjoyable. Towards the end I needed a little help which the author graciously provided and I was eventually able to beat the game. I found a few instances where the GUI commands didn't quite match up with what the game was expecting but nothing serious enough to take away a star (read some of my comments if you get stuck).

Enjoy the game and please rate it so that others can enjoy this hidden gem as well!

25 May 2016
👍👍 Nice Work!