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Reviews by Hijak

Review for Fallout Shelter
02 Apr 2016
Enjoyed the writing style, if it was longer I would give another star. I'm not sure if it's possible in Squiffy, but maybe you could play a music file when you put the record on?

Review for Zombolocaust
06 May 2014
This was an entertaining story, peter123. I liked it a lot. :)

+Interesting style of writing
+Amount of text for each page was not too short or long winded, just right
+The drawings were good and showed you put effort into it
+Choices worked well
+Getting points for cautiousness, heroics etc with coloured fonts worked nicely

The player's rating for each style of play could have had a text description at the end (e.g. if you scored 3 or more points in cautiousness click here...), but otherwise good fun.

Review for Destroy / Wait
22 Apr 2014
Nice concept. Enjoyed the simplicity and consequences.

Review for Choice of Zombies
22 Apr 2014
Excellent game. Looking forward to anything else you're writing :)

+Interesting writing style, story development and characters
+Paragraphs and writing per page used well; no excessive text
+Options are good and reflect a variety of choices and reader personalities
+Character creation is interesting and (I think) affects story
+Heroism/selfishness and bloodthirst/sensitivity implemented well

-Saving system would have been useful if player needs a break (unless there was one which I missed. I know you can save at one point)