Destroy / Wait by

In this game you can destroy, or you can wait.
Review by hannaivety
10 Jul 2016
a very minimalistic text adventure yet it says a lot.

Review by ethanlu121
20 Dec 2015
Great game! It makes you think.

Review by Hijak
22 Apr 2014
Nice concept. Enjoyed the simplicity and consequences.

Review by happysappygirl101
19 Apr 2014
I found this story very fascinating. It shows how in the end, people (whether as a collective society, or as individuals) always seem to eventually destroy the beauty in life, whether they initially intended to, or not. I enjoyed this short romp of a story.

Review by Claire6129
17 Feb 2014
That WAS cool!
Wow. Really makes you think, huh?

Review by Ethan+22
17 Feb 2014
That was COOL!
I really enjoyed it and it is a supremely good idea for a game.

Review by Emma333
23 Nov 2013
It was great and it is now one of my favourite games here but it was quite hard for me to click destroy for love :D !

Review by Giggling_Kiste
03 Oct 2013
I think you did quite a good job. With a plain concept you kept me interesting.
As things were growing it got harder and harder to click "destroy" and when it came to love I just closed the tab :D

Review by storyspoiler
03 Oct 2013
Agree with Froga; nicely done. Short little game, sparse, bare bones, can be played a couple of times. Thought-provoking.

Review by Froga
03 Oct 2013
I felt a bit depressed after this, but it's now one of my favorites. My take was that this game could have been based on Agoraphobia. You can only wait for so long before you have to destroy it all and move on, even if there's nothing left to move on to.

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