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Fight for survival in a world overrun by zombies! Can you stay alive long enough to get your friends to a place of safety? Will you keep your humanity intact or become a bloodthirsty zombie hunter? And will you discover the secret behind the zombie virus?
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Review by powerchimei
17 Jan 2017
It's a piece of art. The way it was written, not too descriptive but not too bland, the way it gives you good choices but also gives you hard choices too, and the little bits of comedy through it.
My character in my first run was a male plumber that plays video games. I managed to save 2 people (saying who would be spoilers), I didn't die once and I got one of the best endings.
I love this game.

Review by Juuichi
30 Dec 2016
A long, but good game for a feel of zombie holocaust survival. I would play it again after a while.

Review by MakotoNaez
24 Nov 2016
"..But it seems the newscasters were at least a little right, because there's a zombie chowing down on a human leg in your front yard.

Shit. "
I'm giving 5 stars because of this

Review by CaptainRed
30 Jul 2016
I love this!!! It gives me a straight up Telltale Games: Walking Dead vibe and I really like it! Great stuff. Please make more!

Review by Atonakis
06 Mar 2016
it could be better but like the vibe and choices but it would be nice if it had more choices

Review by ChazCliffhanger
19 Feb 2016
Beautiful. I loved it except there was like one female character.

Review by JayEccent
17 Oct 2015
He bit me! Well this was a good game and I think I will play it again sometime.

Review by Rooting Story
04 Oct 2015
It's really long,allows many choices,I say It's better than The Walking Dead in my opinion.

Review by FlippyShippy
20 Sep 2015
Insanely good. Loved how much I could do with my character personality choice wise- meaning be as much as a forceful jerkface as I wanted- not to mention how interesting the other characters around were- nothing straight forward about them! Never felt like I was lacking in effective options, nor too pointlessly spoilt, and was basically able to play it exactly the way I wanted to... With enough failure endings to give a real sense of difficulty and accomplishment when I got that ending I wanted. While of course enjoying the clever script.
This game is a total bad-ass.

Review by viky
11 Jul 2015
One of the best games I've played on this website so far.

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