Reviews by adrao

Review for Delphi
11 Jan 2015
An interesting little story, I like its style and pace, though some of the story-lines are definitively too short...

Review for Fatal Island Part 2
02 Jan 2015
A pretty nice continuation to the first game, keeps the pace really well though its a bit on the hard side of things (then again, somehow this contributes to the sense of excitement and difficulty in the game, feels somehow like temple run!)

Review for spondre
14 Dec 2014
An excellent game... I was part of the original testing of the game and I can say that it is a very clever (if a bit short) game, that keeps you wondering what is going on. The interface is particularly nice, which means you can sort of click around and explore the text within the game, a very interesting idea!. There are several possible endings, and thus there is a nice sense of re-playability, with each game further helping to understand what has happened.

03 Dec 2014
One of the best games I have played on this site. The puzzles are very good and not hard enough that the game stops progressing. The pace of the game is nice, and the abilities that you continue to pick up keep the game moving nicely. The writing is pretty funny, overall a great experience!