Reviews by Aech778010

Review for Merc With A Mouth
01 Jul 2016
I see a hell lot of potential
the deadpool voice is great in my opinion
but make the game more expansive and quality
this looks ghetto
keep working on it!

Review for Go take a walk
28 Mar 2016
This is a humorous game, but needs MUCH MUCH MUCH improvement as well
There is potential in this though

25 Mar 2016
Great! Although it should be improved...

“I find your lack of faith disturbing” Darth Vader, 1985 or something

14 Mar 2016
Really funny humor my friend! Disco is the best!
Nice slapstick humor, and clean humor as well...
Keep it up my friend
Keep it up...
(manically dances towards you)

04 Mar 2016
This made me LOL hard!
Although the potty mouth is pretty...cringeworthy
besides this is a funny and unique game
and realistic of a ghetto life
a really, really ghetto

06 Jan 2016
Its okay, its not really scary or anything, Gold coins? Wut? no music, plain boring background. No pictures, it can have LOTS OF IMPROVMENT
Areas of improvement:
Using Squiffy program instead
Changing the background to black (Font to white)
adding music (ambient noise)
adding pictures/gifs of the animatronics
adding camera,
I'm not saying it "sucks ballz" or anything like that, just.... lots of improvement okay? you can have more help about programming from the forums or something

06 Jan 2016
How did you change you profile picture?