The Square Root Of Stupid by DarkariaX


In a world of mediocrity and reality, one man, er, thing?... named "You" will forsake is reasonable heritage. His goal: Go to the world of antilogic, a place where there not just the absence of logic, but the active destruction of it, and defeat the evil dark lord Carl Sagan.

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Review by Susana
29 May 2016
Fun game, at least until the hideout part, when there´s only the north direction for follow, and the Washington portrait for check... where the game enter in a infinite loop. A pity, because it was being fun. I hope someday, soon I hope, the creator come and end his story.

Review by TheTrumpofTrumps
19 Apr 2016
Hilarious game! Though the game stopped when I gave Edgeblade the candy. Not sure if it's a bug or not, but overall, awesome game!

Review by Torren33
24 Mar 2016
I lost it at the part where the rock created a nuclear explosion XD

Review by Aech778010
14 Mar 2016
Really funny humor my friend! Disco is the best!
Nice slapstick humor, and clean humor as well...
Keep it up my friend
Keep it up...
(manically dances towards you)

Review by Wonderwoman132
15 Dec 2015
I know I'm a little stupid for asking but how do you get past the part where you walk through the holograms and there are the directions. mine only says north!

Review by Maxwell82
06 Dec 2015
Pretty fun game! People should check it out for a little. It does become where non or it would make since. Thats about the only problem. Like in the beginning where you make a boulder move with a kale...

Review by awsz4
02 Dec 2015
:) let's go kale!

Review by An Ridire Dubh
03 Nov 2015
That's the most amazing thing EVER! I seriously can not, will not and even SHALL not imagine a more betterly constructed piece of mastermindedness of writing genius. This fast paced Action-Thriller leads you through an exiting non-stop adventure which blasts itself through every kind of dimension you could name. Unfortunately when I chose "Walk through the holograms to the other side." The game simply didn't continue. At first I thought it was a bug. At second the thought of the game simply being unfinished momentarily scrambled my brains as I feared never seeing, i mean reading, the end of this marvelous quest. At third, however, I said "Aaah" as I knowingly nodded my head. "Its obviously just a test" I said to myself. There was no one else in the room but I like to talk to myself when I play games of such high caliber. So, I'm getting off track a little. Basically whilst being temporarily shell shocked at the game ending so suddenly, I have to admit that I feel fuzzy inside with pure joy at being able to indulge in such an exquisite piece of text gamery. I'm already counting down the seconds until I summon enough exitedness to go play it again! Lets go!

Review by Link8267
26 Sep 2015
Game is fantastic. The most diverse cast of party members, yourself, the edgy-est person around, mustard gas, and a brit. 7.8/10 too much water tho

Review by Nick_Crafter
08 Sep 2015
When you hit that glitch that makes you have to reopen the game from your last save, and you have to then watch as it scrolls past the 500 times you had pressed 'Wait' expecting something to happen...

Anyways, Verry funny to play; Id like to see more in the future.

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Written for Quest 5.5
Published 28 Aug 2015
Updated 03 Nov 2015