An Extremley Stupid RPG: Glorious Edtion by Aech778010

The game was first made in 2016, but has moved forward to now
Made by the same guy who made a somewhat spooky game involving haunted house, Aech778010 decided to waste his time on a not-spooky RPG game instead.
If you like dank stuff, and rpgs, and juvenile humor, you should play this game
(Just read the reviews)

I would appreciate comments and stuff, critiques are fine too, don't feel afraid to be savage
Anyway, If you have ANY IDEAS then put them down too
(It's not like they can get any dummer than my ideas right?)

#Recent Update: October 29th, 2018
Fixed Stupid Stuff

Why am I still working on this?

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Review by GrayKnoight
31 Mar 2019
very glitchy

Review by netflixandsapph
10 Nov 2018
the name is accurate but it was still pretty darn fun! i only played it once but i wish when you crossed the bridge and went right that you could at least try to save yourself from insta-death
overall a fun experience !!!

Review by RPMCDB
01 Oct 2018
Only played a bit but great - liked it a lot.

One fix - Theirs a fork in the road > There's / there is (sorry to be pedantic)

Keep it going...

Review by The_Cat_Master_
15 Sep 2018
pretty nifty

Review by uberpuub
16 May 2018
Nice what this guy did with Quest RPG maker.

Review by Snort-chan
26 Apr 2018
This was by far the best thing I've played on this website. 11/10

Review by TheKoolKru
16 Feb 2018
This game was hilarious the whole way through! If the game was finished, I would definitely give it a 5.

Review by digbot12223
16 Feb 2018
Best game ever 10/10

Review by WhovianTrekkie101
19 Nov 2017
Most fun Ive ever had.

Review by demcleod
02 Oct 2017
This game is hilarious! I don't know how many times I died but the way you die in this game is funny and makes me laugh so how can I stay mad at a game that kills me, but makes me smile?

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