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Reviews by Dongers

16 Jul 2023
The timed events are horrendously short and there's way too many of them. Sometimes you can't even read and have to blind guess if you don't want a game over within 4 seconds.

Review for Lillivale
12 Jul 2023
What is in is already fantastic and I can't wait to see where this will go. Keep up the fantastic work!

Review for A Shrunken Home
18 Nov 2022
Pretty good, but given how much progress there can be made in the game, a flat out random chance to game over and having to restart everything seems like a bad idea. People will get frustrated.
Simply cutting required progression short seems like a bothersome idea, so why not reduce the consequences? Instead of a game over that forces you to restart everything, set the player back to just before the scene that killed them.

For example, without the option to completely skip the first room, Valerie's bed just wouldn't be worth trying.

Review for Giantess Mom
30 Dec 2021
You shouldn't map more than one room to the same exit if you have no idea how to separate between the two. Going east shouldn't have two options, otherwise it will only give you one if you choose it.

Review for Giantess' Hotel
30 Dec 2021
Probably one of the most broken games on this site.

22 Nov 2021
This game gets you stuck in every possible way. Try adding exits to your rooms in both ways and deleting the command bar possibly bugged it even more.

Review for The Hotel
19 Nov 2021
My only real gripe with this, after figuring out how it works, are the quick time events. They give you practically no chance to react and read. I'm practically a quarter through reading the output when suddenly it scrolls down and goes the bad route because I didn't do anything. I want to read the story, not skip to the end to only read the five words of "You don't have much time" while frantically interacting with everything.

Review for Tiny Perspectives
18 Nov 2021
I don't know how to use the stove and I'm stuck in the beginning. How do you access the content? What do you need to do? The only info you get is "Call Kathryn" and "Show Map". That's not even a fraction of enough.