A weekend Alone Neil's adventure by Zoomaster1994

In a simple town a great accident happened. From one moment to the other, people suddenly disappeared! Nobody knows what happened, but it seems that the majority of the entire neighborhood and it's surroundings, have been shrunken to near Microscopic size! One of these people, Neil Proctor has been shrunk in his very own living room. Follow his adventure as he tries to survive in a world of massive bugs and...giant woman!

Version with pics!

Clarissa's bedroom roadmap;
Leheron living room Roadmap;
Kitchen 1 Roadmap;
Kitchen 2 Roadmap;
Rowdy Lantern Roadmap;
Gas Station Roadmap;
Valerie Bradson house roadmap
Perfume shop Roadmap

The latest update is here! Get blown out of the kitchen and venture yourself into the garden! Ants and spiders are the least of your concerns! Look out above for massive bare feet as Clarissa is taking a break in her garden!

NEW area! Bradson garden morning!
19 NEW deaths! Toe crush! Butt smother!
-More Ariel!
Timer added!

Next update!
-Chloe's bedroom!

You can also find the textadventure game on;

For more Awa fan content and to better contact me, follow me on twitter; https://twitter.com/AWAFanEdits

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Review by quocccc
22 Oct 2023
for some reason I was dropped into a selected chapter before I could choose another

Review by dyc
11 Sep 2023
one of the best games

Review by Darkshot
16 Jul 2023
Honestly this game is really good, and I enjoy the comic and how this is an essentially playable version of the comic, and it is really good,

Review by Dongers
16 Jul 2023
The timed events are horrendously short and there's way too many of them. Sometimes you can't even read and have to blind guess if you don't want a game over within 4 seconds.

Review by DKandDD64
14 Dec 2022
This is a very Great story and I just can not wait for it to see the ending! My only small problem/suggestion that I have with it is that it does not have a lot options. Example: Your on Sarahs boobs, if you fall down you die or land on something. I suggest adding some kind of survival mechanic like in this example. When falling down you can grab her nipple or hold to her hair or shirt, which makes this more interactive. But overall this is really great game keep up the good work!

Review by SomeUkranian
19 Oct 2022
Very legit

Review by Lrodshrek
18 Oct 2022
Pretty Cool

Review by Weevers666
10 Sep 2022
Great content

Review by darkshot
19 Apr 2022
Honestly, the game is really good and it makes me excited whenever I see an update happen, keep up the good work.

Review by Hyphenzilla
30 Jan 2022
This is pretty great! I’m really liking this so far. As someone who likes the comic and unaware vore, given that the amount of that here is way more than in the comic, which is great, I definitely enjoy this, especially with the recent update.

However, I do agree with HighImpactMoth that the deaths could use some more detail to really bring them out, and a walkthrough or map would only be beneficial.

Those unfinished areas in the story look like they have a lot of potential, can’t wait to see those get added to. One thing of my own that I think will help is: in the comic, for the unaware vore scenes, in a few instances the victims survive and get out. So if you could add a survival option to some of your current or future unaware vore scenes, I think it would definitely help with the story.

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