The Hotel by mmZmmm

!!!!!READ THIS!!!!!

!!!!!READ THIS!!!!!

The Hotel is a vore text adventure game currently in development. It's got around 350,000 words of content right now, translating to about 50 hours of vorish gameplay! The game primarily focuses on player-as-prey furry vore. It's mostly same-size, but there is a bit of macro/micro thrown in as well.

You are a patron at quite the odd hotel. Collect tokens and explore the various rooms to figure out what's going on around here...

Note: This game does feature digestion and disposal. The intensity of them tends to vary, but it never gets too graphic. Disposal scenes are toggleable in-game. There are also some endo scenes; use the walkthrough to find them if digestion isn't your tea.

- Added Oreo (cat pred, oral vore, digestion, disposal)
- Added Cero (wolf pred, oral vore, digestion or regurgitation)
- Added Gale (monster pred, oral vore, anal vore, micro/macro, digestion, masturbation)
- Added Kit (werecat, anal sex, release or willing CTF)
- Added Olivia (otter pred, oral vore, small pred/large prey, digestion, disposal)
- Added 1 Xyria scene (cunnilingus, unbirth, digestion)
- Added 1 Rita scene (micro OV, digestion)
- Added 5 more open room slots to the fourth floor (pushing back all existing rooms above 25 by 5 numbers)
- Fixed some bugs I forgot about
- Fixed bug w/ Noryu not appearing in lounge (triggering MakeObjectInvisible error)

Shoutouts to:

Jeschke - sounds, bugtesting help
Chemicalcrux - sounds
Rake_Vuril - code help
Geckomania - art assets
Eddie - guest writing
Kevaskous - guest writing
Anonymous - art assets
Caudlewag - animations
Phietto - art assets

All my Patrons!

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Review by PLagueBirb
28 Jan 2024
Would love to give this a good revie but i cant get 50 steps in with out it breakin and not letting me do anything. first thing i do is take all the flyers, help oreo, then i go to jasmine, press continue... and continue turns into a text input box and the game breaks. the second time through, i repeat the first 3 steps, cool didnt break, then i go explore the east halls and back, cool still working, then i go to the west, see theta, look at em, and the game breaks again... ive tried both through the web and the app.

Review by Jacob Afton
14 Sep 2023
It's really good but I want there to be a slight chance you can die to Kayla

Review by McBattlePass
14 Jun 2023
Amazing game I like it. Best vore game I ever played there's so much to do In one game.

Review by jessejames04
16 Jan 2022
It is an awesome game. maybe the best vore game ever. but there is this one scene with Kayla in the bathroom of room 8. If you give Kayla the snake the game just doesnt continue. there is no error or something like that, just nothing happens

Review by Dongers
19 Nov 2021
My only real gripe with this, after figuring out how it works, are the quick time events. They give you practically no chance to react and read. I'm practically a quarter through reading the output when suddenly it scrolls down and goes the bad route because I didn't do anything. I want to read the story, not skip to the end to only read the five words of "You don't have much time" while frantically interacting with everything.

Review by suredo
24 Oct 2021
Great! Easily the best text adventure of this kind. I am curious when you will update it to 1.25 for us free to plays.

Review by Nightshadow935
09 Feb 2021
game is very well made, and has amazing images and sounds, though, the thing that drops it down to a 2, is just the fact that it always breaks. I cant even get to anything I like, and the game becomes unplayable.
I am open to suggestions on how to fix this, though, unfortunately, the game is very broken and unplayable for me

Review by Cranberryboi62
14 Jan 2021
A VERY well written adventure, with talents from ChemicalCrux and Jeschke as audio designers, and other artists. Fantastic amount of well written worlds once more. The coin and code systems are fantastic too!

Review by Rabbittyyy
16 Oct 2020
Amazing game

Review by Incognito582
30 Jul 2020
Love this!!!

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