The Hotel by mmZmmm

The Hotel is a vore text adventure game currently in development. The game primarily focuses on player-as-prey furry vore. It's mostly same-size, but there is a bit of macro/micro thrown in as well.

You are a patron at quite the odd hotel. Collect tokens and explore the various rooms to figure out what's going on around here...

Note: This game does feature digestion and some disposal. The intensity of them tends to vary, but it never gets too uncomfortable. If you don't like those, this isn't the game for you (yet!).


-Added Misha (UB, perma-endo)
-Added Noryu (AV, endo or digestion)
-Added Nellie (endo UB)
-Added Bernadette (breast smothering, endo OV)
-Added Alejandro + Brianna (CV, m/f, cum digestion)
-Added Germania (facesitting, AV, OV)
-Added 1 Neil scene (navel vore)
-Added 3 Ludwig scenes (blowjob -> endo OV, worship/footplay -> endo OV, growth -> pawplay -> facesitting -> frotting -> OV)
-Added an art piece by Geckomania to Gecko's CV scene

Shoutouts to:

Jeschke - sounds, bugtesting help
Chemicalcrux - sounds
Rake_Vuril - code help
Geckomania - art assets
Eddie - guest writing
Kevaskous - guest writing
Anonymous - art assets
Caudlewag - animations
Phietto - art assets

All my Patrons!

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Review by reddragons2001
15 Oct 2019

Review by obamadoesnotexist
29 Sep 2019

Review by jeffff
19 Jun 2019
its very detalied

Review by nopenopenono
27 Apr 2019
The game is fantastic!! the only thing I ask is that you work on the kaylas feet thing.

Review by inkycat
27 Feb 2019
its really good and many things to do also i like the names of the codes like moreroomsmorefun and showertime i like them they are creative codes

Review by iandow78
07 Jan 2019
its amazing

Review by Wolfy2005
23 Dec 2018
When you play this on phone your type screen goes up and down until you close the game

Review by omegaalpha
17 Dec 2018
I really enjoy it! Would you mind adding some TG TF elements? Also some more Unbirth! Thank you!

Review by landyman01
14 Oct 2018
The game is Good along with the story lines but there is some things that I would like to be added to the game.
1. Be able to vore characters and depending on the location do Anal Vore, Oral Vore, Cock Vore, Anal Sex and so on.
2. Be able to have relationships
3. Be able to have a selected species or sex.
But this is my own opinion about things that should be added to the game.

Review by Wolfy_killz
13 Oct 2018
but I give u 4 outa five cuz I love the story lines

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