Reviews by Giggling_Kiste

Review for Baby
16 Oct 2013
Not a lot of choices (you know you can have more than two, right?) and the description of each situation is way too short :(
At least it works.

Review for Destroy / Wait
03 Oct 2013
I think you did quite a good job. With a plain concept you kept me interesting.
As things were growing it got harder and harder to click "destroy" and when it came to love I just closed the tab :D

Review for Despair
02 Oct 2013
Even though it was written using a plain graphic presentation the story is quite vivid. I could easily imagine everything you describe. Also I did like the additional commands. You really have to figure out what to do by yourself and can't rely on basic commands. Well done.

01 Oct 2013
Einfach nur genial :D Deine Ausdrucksweise ist die perfekte Grundlage für die kleinen aber feinen Witzeleien, die du da eingestreut hast. Mach auf jeden Fall noch so etwas ;D
Ich kam mir vor, wie in einer Folge "Switch" ^^

Review for Herobrine (Demo)
01 Oct 2013
I have to say this is the best game I've played today (since it's the first one I played today :P )
I guess you just did it to get used to how to create a text adventure so the links did work fine.
And the pictures were neat.
For your next one you could add more text like you were writing an interesting and thrilling novel or a short story and give us more choices.
Also if it was just a test for you, you could have chosen a different name. I was really looking forward to this Minecraft text adventure when I read it's title :/ So this was kind of mean

30 Sep 2013
Quite interesting and fun but rather buggy and the pictures almost make it impossible to type :(
Also, why do I have to go into the closet before entering the bathroom? I would have bought it if there'd been some kind of explanation. Even a magical barrier would have done.
But this text adventure is still ok since it's your first.

Ziemlich detailliert und nicht zu lang gehalten :)

Review for Christmas Day
29 Sep 2013
It's quite simple but somehow it touched me.
You got me with the "Aww" :) For some reason that made me feel safe. Thank you :)

28 Sep 2013
I did like the concept of your story especially since I try to improve my Spanish.
It could have been a bit longer but I did like the idea :) I'd be happy if you did a sequel or another bilinugal story :)