Christmas Day by Sarah1

It's Christmas Eve! You want to open your gift. So, go on! :)

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Review by MiserablePenguin
19 Mar 2015
It wouldn't let me talk to the furniture... Oh well. Also, the color scheme makes it hard to read. I like the game itself pretty well, though. But, can't I open the gift with my hands? Why do I need a knife?

Review by elenar
16 Nov 2014
Short, yet fun. It's nice except i had no idea where the knife was until i looked in the item list.

Review by samfrost
13 Feb 2014
Like Riggamortis said, managing the case was kind of a hassle. I wouldn't have known what to do except that "knife" appeared in the sidebar. In the text where it says "you open the case", perhaps also mention what's inside. I kept cycling through "use key on case (case opens). examine case (wonder what's inside?). open case (you can't open it)."

Review by THEBanana316
01 Jan 2014
This is a cute game with plenty of playability. Talking to the furniture is hilarious.

Review by Giggling_Kiste
29 Sep 2013
It's quite simple but somehow it touched me.
You got me with the "Aww" :) For some reason that made me feel safe. Thank you :)

29 Sep 2013
Very simple to follow, but despite my many years of text adventuring, in this game, I found it completely impossible to open a case after unlocking it! Is there a glitch, or maybe some special word for open that I am not aware of? Or am I simply being dumb here? I hate not knowing! Argh!

Review by jackeloperson
09 Aug 2013
I tried using the knife on mom and dad... but it wouldn't let me. I was sorta sad at that. But it was a good game.

Review by alora
03 Feb 2013
ow, hurts my eyes.. but its short. i played online and it worked fine.

Review by pwner
18 Apr 2009
Nice game!

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