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Reviews by ChrisSmith4773

17 Sep 2015
Loved it! Even better than the previous two adventures!

Review for Victorian Detective
15 Sep 2015
Great adventure! Well written, love the style. (scored 16/17 & 3/6)

12 Sep 2015
Absolutely wonderful game. Just finished it. I got stuck twice, once at the very beginning and also couldn't figure out how to get the book in the terrarium. (In hindsight I feel stupid for not figuring that one out myself.) My only small criticisms would be that it was annoying when objects would change names when you picked them up (especially books) and it could use a little more "fleshing out" when it comes to descriptions. Objects that are mentioned in room descriptions were not examinable, and sometimes it was tricky to figure out exactly how to do certain things - you needed to phrase things correctly.

These are very minor quibbles though. All in all it was an excellent story!

Review for Following Me
08 Sep 2015
Awesome story. Really well written. Definitely a "page turner"; I just had to get to the end.

05 Sep 2015
The was a good story. Short, but well written. The illustrations were quite good as well. Looking forward to a sequel!