Reviews by Warriorcats908

14 Oct 2020
It's okay but you've got to make sure that the whole story makes sense. We know that it is about a female cat who may find a mate or escape this love issue. But we don't always focus on the main idea. You've gotta focus on the small details too and making them clear. It doesn't make sense that you suddenly black out and wake up, finding yourself with some kits. We didn't even choose who our mate was. Another thing that needs to make sense, how does Midnight, a cat of ThunderClan, know how to swim? All of the cats except for the RiverClan cats and Graystripe, don't know how to swim unless a RiverClan cat taught her how to swim. If she was taught how to swim, perhaps include that at the start or switch Clans.

This part isn't really important but since I know about Warrior Cats, shouldn't Midnight have a suffix? Because there is no such thing of a prefix called 'Mid'. A suffix that could fit with Midnight could be like 'thorn' or 'pool'. If you don't wanna use 'thorn' or 'pool', you can also check out this list, containing all the Warrior Cats prefixes and suffixes: https://www.deviantart.com/cheerios11/journal/Big-List-of-Warrior-cat-name-Prefixes-and-Suffixes-395165921

So to conclude my review, make sure everything is clear, don't focus on the main idea only, focus on the small parts too and make sure your Warrior Cat character is in the right Clan so they have the right skills. And if you plan on doing another Warrior Cat game, it would be best if you used those tips.

22 Mar 2020
It's pretty good. I can't wait for you to continue it. Please tell me when it is finished.

It's pretty good. Just make the paragraphs shorter though cause my eyes got lost.

Review for Pokemon Adventure!
13 May 2019
So good! Please finish it. Keep up the good work!

13 May 2019
Nice game, it makes me think of the game Let's Go Eevee/Pikachu. Please finish creating game. Love it so far.

Review for Pokemon Aquamarine
13 May 2019
That was a very good game. Love it already. Please start creating Part 2.

05 May 2019
It's short though but it's a nice game. Good job on your first game. Wish to see your other games.