Warrior Cats: Part 1 by Warriorcats908

(Ready for Release) Welcome to the world of Warrior Cats. This is a story where you start off as a kit. You will find love and you will find a badger in your Clan. And then the leader receives a prophecy and a message from StarClan. What will happen to your Clan as you grow up? (You are born in ThunderClan).

To play the next part, here is the link: https://textadventures.co.uk/games/view/avg7_2dcgewlbvpohv5clq/warrior-cats-part-2

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Review by Puppy_Playz
30 Jun 2020
I wanted to give it a 10 there's no option, great game 10/10

27 Jun 2020
.............0_0...........THIS.....IS......AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!and i love how i'll save the clan!!!!!keep up the good work plz and i hope you ok with the virus and such

Review by Mr.Puffy7
22 May 2020
I am speechless... SO INSANELY GOOD!!!

Review by FishiesUnite
21 Apr 2020
keep it up, I can't wait for part 2!


Review by Wolfheart
21 Apr 2020
Awesome job! Keep working on the next one.

Review by Featherstrike
10 Apr 2020
Very good detailing and story. Good job. keep going. you have a BRIGHT future ahead of you, Warriorcats908.

Review by Shadow Fur
24 Mar 2020
I think you did a great job, keep working on the next!

Review by Detective
21 Mar 2020
This is amazing! Could u review mine?

its a WIP.

Review by Misterfox
06 Jul 2019
Great but if you choose to explore the camp with bramblekit you go to change your mind instead of explore the camp. So I be confused.

Review by FoxCreates
23 Jun 2019
It's great, but when it got to the part where they defeated the badger and everything after that, it said dawnkit, but I chose fire kit

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