Reviews by MrFRZ

Review for Valley of Steel
15 Oct 2014
Great game! I love your writing and story line! Of all the games I've played, you obviously have one of the best and have great potential (based on your jet fighter story and language choice). Keep making games! I can tell you're someone who has a lot of ideas but maybe you aren't getting found very easily. I think I'm right because I'm kind of the same way. The only thing I didn't like about the game was the fact I got stuck at finding a way out of getting scanned by curfew. Personally, and this is just my opinion, I like games that have a story and you pick from a list of choices. Especially the games that are in depth and well written. These games remove the confusion of "what can I possibly do when I've tried everything I can think of?" and it keeps the player from getting bored by being stuck for a considerable period. I personally like these games better, especially if they're well written (which I think few people can achieve one this site). I think you would do great on a choice game like this because you have almost zero grammatical errors (unlike most games on this site) and you have very intriguing writing (you can tell this just from the game description above). I hope you can bring more real adventures to this site other than the "thrown together in a day without much story" kind of games this site seems to be full of. Hope to see more from you soon!

Very great story, although it was short, I am only writing this review of the first episode because it's all that you have released at the moment. I hope you make many more chapters and if this was a test to see if this game might succeed, it passed! I can tell if you continue the story and add more episodes, that this game might get really popular on this site. The only thing I suggest is a proof read of every page as you write them to remove errors, there are only a few I noticed, and also make sure you have your information down. (When you see the gun in the car door you say it's fully loaded, but you only use two shots before its empty). If you continue the story to have a bunch of different endings, it can get more difficult and confusing as you move on. I am working on a game very similar to this myself. But other than these minor things, it's a great start and I cant wait to see more.

Review for The End
24 Sep 2014
Great game! I didn't finish it, but from what I did play it was a great story and I liked the map that gave you an indication of where you were. From all the text adventures I have played, this is one of the best. I have wanted to see a game like this, with a good story and not something slapped together in a day or two like most of these games. I am also working on something similar myself, although it will also be much different. Your game gave me some great ideas and I will probably come back to finish it. Keep it up!

24 Sep 2014
Not even a game... WTF. This is just story with no point to it.