Master Riddler by MrFRZ

You find yourself in a room with a psychopathic murder who will only let you live if you become a "Master Riddler" like him. Out of options and with your life on the line, you are forced to play a game of riddles to hopefully earn your freedom. Will you make it out alive?

This game features many different aspects and is not only a game of answering riddles. There is a basic story line to follow along with as you play, and a few other puzzles within puzzles. I hope you guys enjoy it, it's the first game I've made. I welcome any and all suggestions too; if this does well I may make a sequel.

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1.1 - Fixed spelling and other errors
Minor dialogue changes
Added a few easter eggs for fun

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Review by Shadow666999
06 Sep 2021
nice game, some of the stories are a bit pointless and long, and would be nice to see more unique riddles you made yourself, also its a bit confusing how you use the wire to get the table and pills, would love to know the easter eggs, I tried different names such as [Will, William, MrFRZ, Paul, Danielle] but they didnt seem to do anything.

Review by _xXMidnight
24 Aug 2021
yeetus the fetus, insanity deletus.
idk why i did that tbh XD

Review by elbandito999
19 Jun 2016
Is it possible to not die at the end? I seemed to solve all the problems and the riddles and I still met a miserable end. Did I miss something?

Review by Frostedge
16 Dec 2014
The story itself was rather dull, and the incoherence between tone and writing style really took me out of the game. The insane man's... insanity is displayed in a manner that is simply immature, and it hinges too strong on the misconceptions that have been provided to us by the media and entertainment industry over the years.
All riddles were unoriginal, and have been taken from other sources. I literally knew them from memory. If you want people to really get their minds bent, make up your own riddles.

Review by ejm29
12 Dec 2014
A fantastic little game. The riddles are clever and the story is great. I hope you will consider making another.

Review by lonisa
29 Nov 2014
I liked it, though the ending was abrupt and a bit disappointing.

Review by deboriole
19 Oct 2014
Great little game... I replayed it twice to see if I could get a different ending, but no. I was stumped by two of the riddles (literally... ha!) but I managed to make it through. I agree with the other reviewer about having trouble with the second time alone in the cell. I knew what I wanted to do but it took me a few tries to figure out how to word the action.

Review by Father
09 Oct 2014
This is a wonderful game. I enjoy a good conundrum and thinking outside the box is definitely needed here. Great job

Review by Broski6921
28 Sep 2014
Awesome game! I loved the riddles and I found the dialogue pretty funny. I also liked how the riddles varied from easy to challenging and that you also incorporated a game aspect (where you can walk around and interact with things) instead of just answering riddles. The only part I had a lot of trouble with was the second time you were able to roam your jail cell. It was kind of confusing what you had to do. Plus, since I had only been using the buttons on the right up to that point, having to enter a command just caught me off guard I guess. Other than that, though, this was a great game and I can't wait to see more. Keep it up!

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