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Reviews by PLagueBirb

Review for THETA
28 Jan 2024
YES YES YES YES YES! I love the quests and story, i love the idea of preysense, and i love the characters. AND I WILL consider supporting the patreon page. PLEASE, finish the game!

Review for The Hotel
28 Jan 2024
Would love to give this a good revie but i cant get 50 steps in with out it breakin and not letting me do anything. first thing i do is take all the flyers, help oreo, then i go to jasmine, press continue... and continue turns into a text input box and the game breaks. the second time through, i repeat the first 3 steps, cool didnt break, then i go explore the east halls and back, cool still working, then i go to the west, see theta, look at em, and the game breaks again... ive tried both through the web and the app.

Review for Macroville
27 Jan 2024
I liked it, im not usually someone who likes bein the big one, but this is enjoyable and really sweet if you want it to be.

26 Jan 2024
Its a good game, but sometimes theres no telling what will happen, including things you really dont want to happen, such as gore instances and feral instances. I know its kinda the point of text adventure, but atleast give me something i can do to get out of a situation instead of having to deal with it no matter what choice i make after a certain set of choices. (probably fixed in the plus version but yk)