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Reviews by Mayame8

Review for Suicide
30 Jul 2015
Great game, even though it's insane that I say that with a suicide game. It gives awareness to people of how much damage you can do even in a small room with limited items.

Played it five times and just managed to actually die...thank goodness.

Review for The Test
29 Jul 2015
It's a great game but SO FRUSTRATING. I mean like in school you're like pick the one that makes the most sense. And this game is like NOPE hahahaha trolled.


Review for The Unmemoried Man
27 Jul 2015
It's pretty good, but confusing at times.

Is Fabien multiple people? Because first he's a Messenger of Death, but he also dies in horrible ways, and he's a servant of God. It's a little confusing then, but it's still a great story

27 Jul 2015
This was one of the best horror games I've seen. The darkness, the suspense, and the flashlight were definitely great aspects and it was a little scary!
It was also quite simple for the fact that it only had one ending, and the descriptions were short enough that you wouldn't get bored in the middle.

Absolutely great!!

Review for Broken Legs
23 Jul 2015
Really hard but that still is a good challenge.
Can't get rid of anyone though and it's kind of annoying me...only met the stage kid and Seraphina though. Trying again!

Love the game though, I'll stop ranting about my issues. It's great to have someone who's mean though instead of a hero :)

Review for Wordcraft
23 Jul 2015
I like the idea of the game, it's good, with the corpse and the sword (and of course the puppy :) )
But I also don't get what I'm supposed to do, it just seems I walk in a circle and don't use anything. Maybe you could explain it more.