The Test by MelodyAllHeart

Do you have what it takes to pass this quiz? If you do,why not try and pass it?
NOTE: (THIS GAME's QUESTIONS WON'T MAKE SENSE) Also tell me how many times you tried to pass this game.
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Review by Long John
24 Nov 2016
total shit crap

Review by An Ridire Dubh
10 Nov 2015
total crap

Review by Mayame8
29 Jul 2015
It's a great game but SO FRUSTRATING. I mean like in school you're like pick the one that makes the most sense. And this game is like NOPE hahahaha trolled.


Review by RadiantDawn
13 Jul 2015
Awsome! But hard, cuz it took my like 10 tries to finish XD For anyone who wants spoilers, just ask :)

Review by Vampirhase
15 Feb 2015
If you play it just for fun, it's ok.
I couldn't find a rule to solve the puzzle. Are the questions just nonsence or is there a system?

Review by danbrysmi
31 Oct 2014
Was Ok, but a lot of the questions were from the impossible quiz...

Review by camostar4
07 Oct 2014
It was ok I guess I kept trying to win but I could not and I hate haveing to restart over and over and over again it makes the game no fun

Review by Odie_da_Bossé
06 Sep 2014
This is good. I know some of these questions from the impossible quiz. Luckily not all of them were from there!

Review by CodyWilson
18 Aug 2014
I tried 197 times,but I won't just win!Hilarious and good-must play game.

Review by Ranique
09 Aug 2014
Ha, ha, that was funny. I tried my dad on the house one.I tried hmm... 1 million times.
(High exageration):)

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