The Sock Puppet Killer by Jason Cantalini

A mysterious narrator pleads that you play along and – with his help – catch the Sock Puppet Killer, a killer of sock puppets.

This game has coarse language, sexual content and violence.
Review by Zesc
26 Jun 2019
This game allows me to do one of my favourite actions in interactive fiction: Annoying the narrator.

And else... it's surreal, it's wierd, it's humorous... and probably having subtle surreal horror? I really don't know how to describe this.

The story is hard to follow and only really makes sense over multiple playthroughs, but it's otherwise enjoyable enough. Being stingy with praise, i'll deem this acceptable.

Review by Mushy
20 Jun 2019
really cool and interesting story wow :0

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Written by
Jason Cantalini

Published 23 Jun 2019
Updated 25 Jun 2019