Dungeons & Deadlines by m3g1dd0

Imagine a world where you sell your labour power for less than the value produced by your labour, and your company profits from this surplus value. Welcome to Dungeons & Deadlines, a card game where you have to balance work and life, success and sanity, career and family to survive the probation period. How long will you last? Can you survive the probation period of 31 days? Will you burn out or fade away?

Also available at www.dungeonsanddeadlines.com

Created by Synthwave artist Miles Matrix during an extreme bout of depression as a means to a voice, Dungeons & Deadlines is a satirical look at daily work place horror and the meaningless emptiness of capitalism played out via cards. The aim of the game is to survive the probation period of 31 days – but at what cost?

- Over 40 Work and Life cards respectively
- A dozen Go To Work Early / Later and Work Overtime / Go Home cards respectively
- 5 different outcomes based on your balance – if you survive the probation period
- With an original 5-song chiptune soundtrack by game creator Miles Matrix (available on Spotify, Apple Music, Bandcamp and many more) – including the bonus track "Capitalism Stole My Virginity", a cover of The (International) Noise Conspiracy: ffm.to/dungeonsanddeadlines

Miles Matrix is a synthwave producer from Vienna. You can find his music on Spotify. Sometimes he creates games in Twine: "American Angst" was a 2017 XYZZY awards finalist. Bitsy game "Jehovah's Witness Simulator" went viral on Reddit and got coverage by Motherboard. Curiously enough, no one was interested in his game "Sh*t where's my poop". Find out more about Miles Matrix at miles-matrix.com.
25 Nov 2020
Amazing game. I could see this must have taken FOREVER to make. However I would have given a 5 if it were not for the swearing. Please try to use milder language in future

Review by 9sk
03 Aug 2020
too repetitive

Review by Tundealion
19 Jun 2020
lol! Funny

Review by monica744
26 May 2020
Amazing, I love your game. Working in an office myself, the game really hit home. Great work!

Review by Jacob Jackson
04 May 2020
Overall a great way to spend your time

Review by JonQ
02 May 2020
Awesome soundtrack! That alone makes it worthwhile. But the cards are hilarious, and the vintage font gives me warm fuzzies. This is clever and witty. The motivational quotes are from classic texts, speakers, celebrities and give a nice counterbalance to the satirical work week scenarios. There is a lot of variety in the interactions, considering the limitations of a card game format. Replayable and fun. Very cool!

Review by Zoe Strope
20 Apr 2020
Funny and cool little game.

Review by Zesc
05 Mar 2020
There defenitly went some effort into this, meaning the presentation is more than solid.

The gameplay is rather shallow, to the point where it gets annoying to move your mouse in order to see the next part of the hilariously written card texts.

The humour is a refreshign mix of gallows humor and cynism. If you're someone like me who subsists solely on these two things: if you have 10 minutes to spare, i recommend you this game.

Review by FoxyPlayGamer435
06 Feb 2020
Amazing work! The events are amazing!

Review by haltandcatchvapers
01 Feb 2020
Loved it!

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