Reviews by Willowdapple

Review for Detectiveland
23 Apr 2021
It's great except it's SO HARD. I used ALL of the hints and I still don't know how to do it! What does he mean when you unfurl the menu something falls out? I didn't see anything.

18 Apr 2021
Not bad for your first text adventure! I think you should definitely make a part 2.
Good Parts: I didn't see any typos or plot holes. Also, the plot was definitely interesting. Great job!
Constructive Criticism: It was very short, no denying that. Maybe you should make this one longer instead of adding a part 2.
Advice: Similar to the Constructive Criticism, I think you should just make this one longer: like 4 parts in 1. Otherwise, it's very hard to find the other parts, and most people wouldn't play them all and prefer to play it right here. So my advice would be to update it. Alright, here's my final piece of advice. It will take your game quite a long time to get categorized (since this website is kind of falling apart) But I know a moderator directly who can categorize your game. His name is ZanMag. Just write him an email with the link to your game asking to categorize it for you.
Suggestions: Maybe in the next part, Windclan will keep trying to kill Mistspirit/ Splashdawn (like Brokenstar) and drag all the other clans into the mix. Why? Maybe because they say Mistspirit/Splashdawn can't ever be a warrior because he lost his/her memory and he/she's just eating prey all day. But maybe Mistspirit/Splashdawn's accident was on purpose, because he/she is part of a prophecy.

Alright, enough babbling. To conclude... keep writing, I want to see what happens next. Have a great day!

16 Apr 2021
The first parts are great. So many choices! But it ends quickly, and you said it was finished and not a work-in-progress. Please either update your description and continue the game. I'll give it 3 stars because I see a lot of potential and the first part is awesome, but also it's really short.

Review for Warrior Cats Life
01 Apr 2021
It's not bad, but it's really short. How much are you updating it? I see a lot of potential, and you have some awesome ideas. Keep going!

Review for Warrior Cat RPG
26 Mar 2021
Pretty good! I know it's not finished, but don't rush. Whenever I do something I don't really want to do, I do a little bit every day. Even 1 page can make a big difference! If you want to make it a little less complicated, I recommend deleting some of the name options. While it is fun, it makes it much more simple to just get rid of some of them, and they're not essential anyway. As long as you have a male and a female, you're fine. Anway, that's all I had to say. Keep writing, I see a lot of potential here!

24 Mar 2021
Not bad but it definitely needs to be worked on. Also once you finish playing mossball with Fawnkit and being on defense (and after you win!) It goes to where you wake up with one of the other kits and explore the forest. Could you fix that? Thanks!

24 Mar 2021
Sorry, but I didn't think it was that fun. I thought the symbols were overly confusing, it's definitely not finished, and I'm not sure I got it that much. If you could simplify it, that would be great.