Detectiveland by robinjohnson

New Losago, 1929 - a town full of creeps, clowns, mobsters and, if you know where to look, the occasional honest citizen. Guide private investigator Lanson Rose through a series of puzzling cases: solve the city's liquor supply problem in "Speakeasy Street", track down a missing food scientist in "The Big Pickle", and investigate strange goings-on under a dilapidated mansion in "A Study in Squid".

Winner of the 2016 Interactive Fiction Competition.

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Review by impasta
11 Mar 2021
LOVE IT how do I get more games from the same creator? I really want to check out your other games.The best part about this game is it has helpful hints otherwise it would have been tooooooooooo hard to do.the next thing is I dont have to type commands because in other games we have to type commands and we cant type "look in closet" we Have to say "look at closet" so thats when some people get stuck.

Review by comedic trash
02 Mar 2021
Played literally all day. Best game ever. Should publish to steam or something.

Review by hsh
17 Jul 2020
Better than most.

Review by Luke Low
08 May 2020
I think the game is good. The music make me feel like I am in the scene.

Review by stephenstiles
29 Feb 2020
Loved it. And the hints were useful (After wandering all over town looking for a match lol)
Just started interactive fiction and by far the best so far. My zombie adventure isn't a 10th of the content.

Review by muddlemand
12 Nov 2019
Played this a while ago as an android app (before I found this website) - fantastic. Now that I've seen more IF, I have an even higher opinion of this. Head and shoulders above most.

Review by Pascal666
08 Sep 2019
Thank you!

Review by momomills
14 Aug 2019
Engaging, funny, wry, and enjoyable. I finished all three ending scenarios and I have my favourite but they all made me smile. A real joy for a fan of interwar detective/crime fiction.

Review by Fractal420
13 Jun 2019
This is a great, funny Noir adventure. You are a Humphrey Bogart type of private detective and you take on 4 different cases. I did not finish the last one (got stuck!) so I cant speak for the ending but it is a detailed game with a good GUI thats lets you quickly access items and know whats going on. You take cab fares all over LA. There is a good amount of humor and the quests themselves tend to be pretty funny. Also there are many references to pop culture, especially Noir films. If you enjoy the genre or a good text adventure involving mystery, check this game out!

Review by Hypertext
12 Apr 2019
Ich hab das Spiel ausgewählt, da ich den Titel sehr ansprechend fand. Der Titel hat auch auf jeden Fall gehalten, was er verspricht, nämlich als Detektiv Fälle zu lösen. Im Spiel geht es also darum, ausgewählte Fälle durch verschiedene "Puzzleteile" zusammenzufügen und dadurch zu lösen. Am Anfang des Spiels befindet man sich in seinem eigenen Büro als Detektiv. Vor der Tür warten drei verschiedene Personen, deren Fall man annehmen kann.
Das Ziel des Spiels ist also von Anfang an klar, jedoch ist es schwierig dorthin zu kommen, was aber natürlich beabsichtigt ist. Kommt man als Spieler nicht weiter, gibt es die Möglichkeit zu Hints.

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