Warrior Cats Life by EasterBells

Start the game as a kit, and work your way up to being a warrior! Every single choice counts towards the end, and you are planned to be able to:
Become an apprentice
Become a warrior, medicine cat, deputy, queen, leader, or, if you are skilled enough, elder.
Raise a family.
Get greencough.
Die of greencough.
Maybe even be a prophetic star cat for a bit and be reincarnated.

The first cats to be finished will be:
Gingerkit (both genders) (female first)
Ravenkit and Crowkit
Silverkit and Ashkit
Gingerkit's female version's warrior story will likely be the first to be finished so yeah

You will be able to play an LGBTQ+ cat as yes, that does happen in the wild, and you will be able to choose whether or not you become a queen as a female or if your mate becomes a queen as a male. You will probably indirectly kill a few cats on your journey through life, but hey, that's life for ya.

Roster: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Yqyi6GUXOPTw3cD6L6_sauS4QhJUe1DSDDOJkGvvTX0/edit?usp=sharing - may or may not be fully accurate, might use some cats from here

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25 Apr 2023
Quite short though

Review by Willowdapple
01 Apr 2021
It's not bad, but it's really short. How much are you updating it? I see a lot of potential, and you have some awesome ideas. Keep going!

Review by Lilybraken
08 Jan 2021
Havent played it yet, but I'm looking foward to... sry 4 bad review... ill give u a better one later

Review by BookCat24
26 Dec 2020
Pretty good, the stars say everything.

25 Oct 2019
It's OK, but seriously- a six moons time skip?! I expected it to be long. It's OK, but not as long as I thought, plus this game should be finished!
The description's nice, though.

25 Oct 2019
You can only choose gender and name!

Review by EmperessOfTextia
21 Feb 2019
Fun so far....

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