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Review for The end.
23 Sep 2015
This is the type of game that has more to it than first presumed. The concept is simple, but there are actually many endings. I played through several times and got most of them. Not bad for a quick play.

01 Aug 2015
Pretty hilarious. I laughed out loud. Still yet to sell the Fast Food Button, though. Haha, but I must try!

Review for The Abyss
31 Jul 2015
Wow. This game is amazing. The best text game I have ever played. I wish I could follow the developer.

Review for Suicide
10 Jul 2015
The game, simple at first glance, has a lot of depth. As you attempt to make the girl kill herself again and again, more and more of the story unfolds. It is an interesting concept, helping raise awareness of teen suicide by showing the results of successful suicide and what can happen if it doesn't work out. So many endings, well done!

Review for Aisle
09 Jul 2015
There are so many options, it is amazing. Great to play it repeatedly.