The Abyss by dacharya64

"You've known since you were born. You've known you were being controlled." Welcome the The Abyss--the surreal and twisted world of the mind, and the only place you can regain control of yourself. Explore the land, perhaps dare to make friends--but have caution; many choices will be a matter of life or death.

The Abyss started out as a small experiment in Twine, and became an extensive world which tests the limits of the genre, and pulls together myth and fact to create an immersive and intricate world of motivation, struggle, and self-identity.

I hope you enjoy!
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Review by 645Kitty
12 Mar 2017

Review by k43dr0n
15 Feb 2017
This was a rollercoaster from start to finish and I felt amazing about the experience of this story. Amazing.

Review by ashstansell
30 Dec 2016
I`m not even done yet, but the writing`s vivid in every way needed to carry the atmosphere along, and it`s maintained an air of seriousness without seeming so hopeless that I`d put it down.

Review by hannaivety
09 Jul 2016
a beautiful and well-written game. the concept/idea is just amazing! the story was just superb and has a couple of twists along the way. thankfully, i got a good ending on my first run.

this game is certainly a must-play.

Review by Shykra
02 Jul 2016
A good game- well thought out and kind of mind bending.

Review by Rogue-Shinigami
21 Jun 2016
The fact that I can relate to this so well disturbs me.
Great game nonetheless.

Review by Unit
11 Apr 2016
This game did something to me, I wish everyone could play this..
5 stars

Review by IFforClassroom
22 Jan 2016
Just had to go back and see all the endings.

Review by bcpraw
07 Jan 2016
I thought is was amazing! The power of the choice is really prevalent here, and it doesn't seem "railroaded" at all. There are times when it's even obvious where your choice affected the next scene or next few scenes. The world was really detailed, yet concise. There weren't many extraneous details to distract from the story, just enough to make a complete picture. It was a great game, and completely enjoyable. I was drawn into it very fast and stayed hooked the entire game, right until the end. Amazing job!

Review by ToastmasterLex
03 Jan 2016
It was a little confusing how some links went to descriptions of an item and others made a forward choice in the story. I clicked a few to get more detail and was put in to the next scene without being sure in my choice yet. Otherwise, fantastic!

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Published 13 Jun 2013
Updated 20 Aug 2014

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