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This is really compelling, well-written, and atmospheric. Please complete the game soon!

Review for To Kindle A Light
17 Jan 2015
I haven't completed this yet, but the writing is excellent. You have managed to create a highly-atmospheric and terrifying game. Well done!

16 Jan 2015
This is another really fantastic sequel to the Victorian Detective series.

I want to give it four and three quarters of a star, but I can't, so I'll give it five instead. Where Part III lost a quarter of a star for me is that in the first two parts, everything could be solved by being observant, researching, and using logic, whereas I felt in this part, for some of the puzzles you just had to make a lucky guess. There weren't many of these puzzles, and perhaps you could in fact solve all of the puzzles through logic. If this is the case, please accept my deepest apologies!

Anyway, congratulations on another excellent game, and I hope you keep writing this series. You have already written three brilliantly entertaining, challenging, and original games.

P.S. I love the artwork!

28 Nov 2014
Another great game from Eaten by a Grue. Yeah, it was a little short, but the puzzles were so much fun, and the writing was brilliant. Thanks for this!

Review for Thyme
31 Oct 2014
I loved this game. The only reason I'm giving it four and not five stars is I felt it needed one more (more difficult) level. When I got to the end, I was left thinking, "But I want to keep playing this."

I loved the invention that went into the map being the same whichever time and wherever you were. I also loved that there were a few puzzles that frustrated me at the time, but once you solve them, it's an entirely different matter.

I really liked the twist in the "congratulations for completing the game" text. I giggled for quite a long time over this.

Thanks a lot for this game.

31 Oct 2014
I rated Part I with 5 stars, but I think Part II is even better. It's got the same humour, great writing, and very challenging deductions to make. It's just as absurdly logical.

I don't know why I preferred Part II, but both games are brilliant anyway.

Thanks a lot.

Review for Victorian Detective
31 Oct 2014
Great game!

At first it seems that the deductions are a bit random, but when you play a bit more, you start to pay much more attention to your surroundings and the deductions come much easier.

Very challenging to do well at and fantastic writing.

IMO Part II is even better.

Thanks a lot for this.

31 Oct 2014
Loved this! It managed to keep my attention for a very, very long time, which considering how short my attention span is, this is some BIG achievement.

Every puzzle has every clue you need to solve it, so keep playing. I had to cheat a few times, but every time I did, I felt really silly for not having been able to solve the problem for myself.

A couple of points (although the first is mentioned in your blurb). It was a little annoying that some things are mentioned in room descriptions but you can't interact with them. I suppose there were so many red herrings that this might have made the game even harder to complete, but still... Secondly, I found the final puzzle disappointingly easy. I was expecting a massive showdown, but oh so inspiringly brilliant up to this point (might actually get round to writing my own game now).

Excellent game and strongly recommended to anyone whether you are new to text adventure games or you are experienced. It has some really clever puzzles. I loved the envive spell puzzle, and everything about the inescapable cage puzzle in particular.

Thank you so much!