Reviews by awsomethingy

Review for 12 Hours
24 Dec 2014
I don't want to sound rude, but you need to learn what commas are. . . fast.

Review for Job Quest
27 Oct 2014
Fantastic. Just Fantastic.

Good, but short. I'll await future updates.

22 Jul 2014
Undoubtedly the greatest text game I have ever played. I feel the need for you to make an expansion, or a small continuation. Maybe something like a Rebellion starts, and the Rebellion sacks the castle, the king is taken hostage, or killed, and you are stuck in the middle of the siege. So, you dawn your armor once more, and defeat the Rebellion. Either way, this game was fantastic, though the final boss was weak.

Anybody who wants a more challenging play-through:
-You can only get a maximum of 3 rations.
-Every time your armor is damaged, it can only regenerate 1 less of the original Armor Rating. Therefore if your armor is damaged, say twice in a fight, after the fight instead of returning to 11: it only returns to 9.
-Overlord has 22 HP.
-Also, you should be able to use the jumping potion on the lava stream, if you still have it.
-Also Also, in the shop where you can rob the gnome, if you check to see if he can use the weapons, there is a glitch where you HAVE to rob him.

Still the best text game I have played.