The Walking Dead: Episode 1: Into the Woods by SivD1

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Welcome to my first ever text adventure! I've always wanted to do something like this after playing Telltale's The Walking Dead series. Hope you enjoy!

Compare your choices with everyone else! (Spoilers if you haven't played it yet!)

A Helping Hand:




(Determinant) Friendship:


(Determinant) Sacrifice:


And finally....

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Review by GameofChocolate
13 May 2017
I really expected more than one trip out to the store. Like really? We get stood up and game over? So anticlimactic.

Review by SabineG
10 Jan 2017
Bad writing (non-native English speaker?). Nothing really to do except click on two choices--so not exactly a text based adventure game.


Review by mentlegen
21 Dec 2016
pretty good

Review by Takuto
21 Nov 2016
I really do like it but if it's called The Walking Dead I'd expect it to be in the same universe. In TWD there's no zombie horror films or books or anything so there's no concept of them. Other than that however this is an awesome read.

Review by Laufeia
29 Apr 2016
Want to read next one now.

Review by TrialFactory
08 Jan 2016
Awesome and engaging! Just a bit cheesy. Although its kinda hard to make a zombie story without it being a little cheesy.

Review by Stryker
27 Oct 2015
Its REALLY good
I Like it
Hoping for a babe in this series.
GJ Devs

20 Oct 2015


Review by Death2173
08 Aug 2015
It is really good, you use a lot of hyper links and the story line is magnificent. Cant get onto part two but I can tell that it will be really good

Review by MagicalNana
26 Jun 2015
I played this a while ago, it was and still is awesome. ♡

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