Has mrangel ever helped you?

mrangel has helped me so many times, it's crazy.

NOTE: Half the time, functionality is added to Quest when he helps me. So, he helps all of us (even if he hasn't helped you directly)!

So . . .

If you want to do something for mrangel (and for yourself at the same time), buy one (or more) of his books! (They're not expensive.)


I'm sure that would make his Christmas a merry one!

Thanks :D I do my best.

If you're outside the US, amazon's system for redirecting you to the right kindle store doesn't always work, and may give you the wrong author. (I have no idea why). So it's better to share Booklinker links, which will send you to the right site automatically (and also might give me commission on anything you buy after clicking them if you're in a country where I have an Amazonn Associates account) - https://author.to/angelwedge

I've even got a couple of pen names writing odd niche stories that seem to be kind of popular: https://author.to/angelraymond and https://author.to/kittyangel (NSFW; click at your own risk)

Glances at about half my functioning game.

... yes

mrangel has been so helpful on the forum I'm amazed he has been able to write so many books at the same time!
I'm more than happy to buy and read a few of them, and will do this in a way that also highlights what he has done for me. So here comes Thank You 1...

Thank You 1
The most recent thing mrangel has done for me, was help sort out issues with the 'undo' command. This is covered at length in: http://textadventures.co.uk/forum/quest/topic/gxxws68qyko6hqwkf9q2ua/unexpected-undo-problem-resolved-again
His support included workarounds for current errors in the 'undo' operation as well as helping me see how 'undo' could be implemented in the games where I had previously excluded it.

The first book I've selected to read is: "Pasts & Futures: A Science Fiction Selection"

Thanks :)

mrangel?? Never heard of him.

Just kidding. Super helpful! Thanks for your work here.

Thank You 2
In April this year, mrangel gave me the very simple but very useful code for a test command to pick up any object in a game. In the command, 'scope' is set to 'global' and the single instruction is object.parent = game.pov.

Expanding this to allow for invisible objects and give some feedback is still very short:

object.parent = game.pov
MakeObjectVisible (object)
msg ("You now have " + GetDisplayName (object) + ".")

My next book is: "Sandpaper Kiss" ...couldn't resist the title!

My next book is: "Sandpaper Kiss" ...couldn't resist the title!

My first novel. A little nervous because looking back now, I can see a lot of things I could have done better in that one.

It kind of grew out of a discussion of home much vampires have changed from Dracula to Twilight. And people speculating if you could do the same thing to other horror staples like Frankenstein or The Exorcist. I decided to see what I could do with The Island of Doctor Moreau; even the cover is based on an old movie poster, but not sure how well it fits the story.

Thanks again :)

I should send you the "book" that I have been working on has been collecting virtual dust on my computer. It's probably not up your genre but if you'd be willing to glance at it.. if not, no biggie. Or... anyone for that matter. Let me know.

@Mrangel, is truly a major keeper of the forums. There are others but he seems to keep the midnight oil burning around here. Thanks bunches young man. I enjoy your YouTube channel as well. You should be on the payroll for sure.

Thanks :)

Thank You 3
In Feb 2019, I asked for help to allow game panes to expand to the available screen size, for use with escape rooms packed with items. This triggered a long discussion:
producing code that allows escape room puzzles to be played more comfortably :
Perhaps this is the way that game panes should operate by default?

My next book is: "Nightmare Season" ...another large (great value!) collection of short stories.

Hello everyone, I hope you are well, I am from Colombia and could someone tell me if there is any way to put the program in Spanish, or is it not possible ?. Thank you

When I fell down the well, mrangel went and got Timmy for me.

Seriously, he's really helped me out on a number of occasions.

Thanks again for all the support :) I think you might have pushed Amazon's Algorithm a little, as I've had a little uptick in sales again at the start of this year. Makes me a little more confident; think that if someone buys a couple of books, it might be prompting them to recommend them to other people even without a review.


Hello everyone, I hope you are well, I am from Colombia and could someone tell me if there is any way to put the program in Spanish, or is it not possible ?. Thank you

On the online editor, it asks you for language whenever you create a new game. Spanish is one of the options, and includes almost full translations for the editor. I assume that the desktop editor has something similar.

Desktop does not seem to have anything for language. All you can change in the setting tools is the font size. Language does not seem to appear anywhere.

Desktop does not seem to have anything for language. All you can change in the setting tools is the font size. Language does not seem to appear anywhere.

That's really weird. Is that the only feature that's on the web version only?

In any case, if you can't choose it when you're creating a game, you can always change it manually. Open the game file in a text editor or in full code view, find the line <include ref="English.aslx"/> and change it to <include ref="Espanol.aslx"/>.
(Note: as far as I'm aware, language selection is only available for text adventures; gamebook mode has a lot of the editor labels specified directly in GamebookCore rather than using templates for them). There are a lot of languages available, but only English, Spanish, and German seem to have corresponding translations for the editor.

In the Quest 5.8 desktop:

In the main screen, at the top, starting from the left, I have File, Tools, Language, Help.

When I click on Language, I can choose English or Deutsch.

I think this makes everything (the editor and the game) "speak" whichever language I choose in this menu.

Also see:



Ha! I started typing this one before mrangel posted his reply. (I will learn to refresh the page first one day, but not today! Ha ha!)

Yeah mrangel has helped me lots of times. He's helped lots of people before.

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