What is html5shiv used for in QuestJS?

It is listed in the CSP (html5shiv at googlecode_dot_com, but I can't figure out what it's being used for (even after reading its GitHub page).

I'm not complaining or anything. Just wondering.

Probably unnecessary now.

It basically fixes a CSS bug in Internet Explorer 9 and earlier, by using javascript to apply styles directly to the elements in the cases where IE used to fail.

Now you got me wondering. I see I added it 19/Jan/19, and I cannot remember that far back! It might be to allow spoken to work, as it was included when that was added.

It basically fixes a CSS bug in Internet Explorer 9 and earlier, by [. . .]

Yeah, that's what I found when I searched it online. It looked like there had to be extra coding done to make any of it do anything. I searched for a few of the listed functions in the code, and found nada.

I had removed it two weeks ago, and I haven't seen any errors or warnings concerning it in the console.

I'll add it back, in case it does improve old browser compatibility.

It might be to allow spoken to work

I can test this out quickly. Be right back.

Well, SPOKEN says it turns on in my game, but I can't hear anything with our without all the old CSP stuff. This is probably due to something in the code on my end.


Everything I'm about to say is true with or without html5shiv in the CSP, just for the record.

Also, all my browsers in all these OSs are up to date. (I double-checked.)

I normally use Firefox in Arch Linux. In that, SPOKEN doesn't throw any errors, but it doesn't speak.

In Chromium in Arch Linux, SPOKEN throws errors.

This is most probably because I haven't installed some dependency in Arch Linux.

So, I flipped to Linux Mint.

In Firefox, I get someone speaking, but it isn't in English. (I checked my settings in the browser and in Linux Mint. Everything says en. Still, probably something to do with my Linux setup.)

In Chromium, I get no speaking and no errors.

Again, this is still Linux. Even though Linux Mint is "bloated" with almost everything you may need to surf the web, I still find something I need to install or adjust from time to time.

Now: Windows 10. Oh, it works in Firefox in Windows. I mean it really works! Dude reads the inner HTML and everything to me. When there are object links in the text, it takes him a loooooong time to get through it all, too! (Poor guy!)

And I just realized I didn't test it in Chrome in Windows 10. Whoops.

Anyway, I highly recommend someone else test SPOKEN to see if my computer (or something in my code) is just messing with me.

I tried on Chrome/Win10 and it works okay without html5shiv in the CSP.

I tested Win10 with Chrome/Firefox/Edge and I can hear them speaking. But with Chrome and Firefox he/she reads the html code. Perhaps this can be switched off? In Edge its nearly ok

Strange, in IE 11 I cant even start RHs Testgame

with Chrome and Firefox he/she reads the html code.

Yes. I felt sorry for the computer voice.

Strange, in IE 11 I cant even start RHs Testgame

I wonder if Pixie's example game work in IE 11?

No, Pixie's game doesn't work either. However, I wonder if I need to set anything else in IE11. However, Windows10 is freshly installed...hmmm.... i have Windows 10 set to send as less data home as possible. I think someone else needs to test this

I tried it in IE/Win10, and it didn't work at all for me, either.

There were so many errors, I didn't even really look at them. I'll do it again and take a screenshot.

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