Agoraphobia by ArcticYetiWampa

A game where the challenge is to get out of the front door.

WARNING: Do not attempt to do anything you see in the game. If you break your computer for any reason, I am not held responsible. No Bob was hurt during the making of this game.

This game is meant to be nonsensical and ridiculous; things may not be as they seem at first - try to use every object intuitively.

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Review by Regisblackgaard
13 Oct 2016
How does Bob rig his house like that?

Review by MisterPibb316
09 May 2015
Bob has much more than agoraphobia.

Review by reBelle516
23 Apr 2015
So after many replay's I finally won the game :)
It was fun and many unexpected things made me giggle along the way. Good work!

Review by kannahstalker
12 Apr 2015
I keep replaying and replaying ... !

Review by EzzoMahfouz
02 Sep 2014
Great work. Really frustrating from the unexpected occurrences but it was a clever game.

Review by Claire6129
10 Dec 2013
Loved it!!

Review by infinentvariables
10 Dec 2013
very fun and awsome i died twice this is a very interesting idea loved the game and the detailed descriptions!

Review by kaimonster101
24 Nov 2013
Fantastic! I laughed so hard!

Review by captainAnonymous
17 Oct 2013
Oh, sweet! I liked the ending. Well done!

Review by jackeloperson
10 Sep 2013
I liked it. It was pretty good for a beginning build. Spoiler alert. Is the one where you eat the ULTRA SPOILER ALERT gun supposed to be when you win? You still killed bob and it ran the "You didn't get bob out of the house. bob wins." script. That's the only bug I saw.

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